Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big, Sweet Deal

So, I used up all of my Pandora hours for this month on Monday.  I'm pretty bummed.  Especially because I had the intro song to Guys and Dolls stuck in my head ("I've got your horse right here. His name is Paul Revere...") and I really wanted to listen to some musical soundtracks...  On the bright side, it's only a few days until March!!!

The Cast

Speaking of March, both of my siblings' birthdays are in March.  Actually, my friend Michele--who really should be considered a sibling--shares a birthday with my bro.  They were twins separated at birth, by a year.  Figure it out.

Forming the Crust

Anyway, it's still February.  This month my hubby and my newest sibling, Andrew the Brother-in-Law, celebrate their birthdays.  And I helped them.  Because, as my dear friend Suzanne always says, "Birthdays are a BIG deal!"

Flour, butter, sugar... YUM!

Andrew celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, although somewhat secretly (to avoid being showered by his fraternity brothers... teehee).  And, since I really really really reeeeeeally like celebrating birthdays, I made his favorite apple pie.

You see, I have connections.  I know his mom.  And I remembered that she once told me he prefers Dutch Apple Pie (aka. crumb topping), and that she showed me the combination of three recipes she uses.

If Yogi Bear tried to steal the pie, he might get stuck in my tiny kitchen, so I figured the pie was safe to let cool on the stove top.
All in all, we had a fun time eating pie and drinking milk to celebrate Andrew's graduation from teen-hood.  I was thankful to help celebrate one of my favorite things (birthdays) with another of my favorite things (baking) and producing one of the boys' favorite things (pie).

Happy Un-Birthday to you, friend!

(Or happy birthday, on the off-chance that it is, actually, your birthday today.  I hope someone bakes you a pie.)


  1. Yay for BIG-DEAL Birthdays!!! :D And that apple pie looks AMAZING- I might need to get that recipe! ;) Love you Molly-Blue!!

  2. I love your blog and how it's usually about food! I hope you're well, sweet friend!