Saturday, March 10, 2012

DIY: Coffee Filter Roses

Do you use Pinterest?  I really like it!  It’s great for helping me organize all of the things I want to make.  Recently, a friend pinned a coffee-filter-rose wreath, and I was instantly intrigued.You can make flowers out of coffee filters that actually look pretty?
The Finished Bouquet

I did a little Google research, and found instructions from the blog Aunt Peaches to make roses on a stem (see her blog for the instructions).  She describes three different ways to make them, but I only did the first two (making my own variations, because following rules can be so boring–even for me!).
The Set-Up:  I used cooling racks and a fan to dry my filters.

I even mixed colors on one rose, but I didn't like the result.

The First Method -- I liked the compact center it made.

The Second Method -- I had to trim the pointy edge.
My tips:
  • You may have to trim your roses a little.  See photo #5 has a pointy edge?  I trimmed that off.
  • I used white masking tape to make the roses and then wrapped them in floral tape.
  • To make the vase:  paint a heavy coat of white acrylic inside a clear glass vase, dry overnight.  Don’t put water in it ever again or you’ll ruin the paint.