Sunday, May 31, 2015

DIY Projects Update

Small Pedestal Table

Before (scratches, dings)
Budget Breakdown
Table:  $3
Sandpaper: free
Stain & Poly:  $18 (2 cans)
TOTAL: $21

I still need to finish the glass.  I've bought some contact paper and etching cream, but I'm enjoying the re-finished top for now!

Guest Room Dressing Chairs


Budget Breakdown:
Chairs: $10 ($5 each)
Finishing Oils: $20 (Lemon Oil and Danish Oil)
Fabric & Batting: free from my stash
Scotch Guard for seats:  free from my stash
TOTAL: $30 ($15 each)

I bought these from my neighbor, and after cleaning with some lemon oil and sealing with danish oil, the wood looked amazing.  I used a red and white seersucker for the seat cushion and sealed it with scotch guard.  I'm saving those embroidered seats for something else.

Child's Bench


Budget Breakdown:
Bench: $6
Primer: free from stash
Paint: $5
Foam: $5
Batting: free from stash
Fabric: $5
TOTAL: $21

I picked this one up at the Salvation Army for really cheap.  It wasn't too bad originally, but it didn't fit with my style.  I actually got a little over-zealous on the seat (see the puckering)--I probably should have use a thicker fabric, but we have limited choices where we live and I wanted to get it done!

Craft Room Furniture



Budget Breakdown:
Furniture: ??? (we've had it for a while)
Primer: $10
Paint: $27
Supplies: $8
Knobs: $20
TOTAL: $65

I wanted matching furniture for my craft room upstairs and I wanted it dark, because the room is light grey and white.  This is Sherwin William's Darkroom (very deep purple).  I've also installed some glass pulls and stainless handles to the cabinet on the right.  I didn't take an update photo because, well... my craft room gets used. :)