Friday, December 26, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

On my trip back to OZ (Kansas) from Texas, I took a little detour through Killeen, TX, to see my biological mother. We hit up two Christmas parties with my half-sister Lauren (yes, we have the same name), we baked triple chocolate cookies, and we played a few board games.

I got back to Kansas on Monday evening to be greeted by mom, dad, Eli, Lainie, and Justice (my 2 year old nephew). Tuesday, Wednesday, and even Thursday I got to hang out with Nathan before he left for a basketball game in Washington state. We'll finish up the weekend with mom's birthday and the beginning of next week I'll head back to Tyler, TX, for the Woods New Year's Conference. It will be a fun road trip with Chamelionare, Cold Call, Happy Feet, Evadar, and Evadar's sister (yet to be named), all packed in HF's family's Denali.

Then my 21st birthday is on January 4th. So far only two celebrations planned, but I'm guessing there'll be one more. Birthdays are always a big deal.

Well, that's all for now.