Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 20

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A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel

It is finals week for me, and my first one was this morning at 11:50.  This means I have been spending time thinking about all of the places I wish I were heading as soon as finals are over.  Lucky for me, today's topic is a picture of somewhere I'd love to travel.  But first, I have some advice for those of us who have finals this week:

  1. Do not get a cold on finals week.  If you do, you'll be forced to get up from studying every five minutes to blow your nose.  You'll also decide that you should have chicken noodle soup for lunch... or chicken-flavored noodle soup (aka. Ramen), forgetting you only have 15 minutes until you need to leave for your final, and forcing you to stir in an ice-cube and slurp 'em down fast!  Weird.  Messy.  And you may get some little yellow spots on your shirt, just sayin'.
  2. Do not try to run up concrete stairs with flip-flops on.  If you do, you may trip and stub your toe.  And that will hurt.  But you'll have to keep going, because you're going to be late for your final (that's why you're running, right?).

Now, both of those stem from theoretical situations that could befall you.  And I want the best for you, so I shared them with you.

On to daydreams, since I am done with finals (for today)!

First stop, MAINE!
Image from
Lighthouses, lobsters, cool summer weather, winding roads... and one of the few states that I haven't been to!  I know you west coast people think I'm crazy, but whatevs.  I still want to go.  And when I do I will eat lots and lots of lobster and crabcakes.  Yum.

Next stop, GREECE!
Image from
I would make a trip to Patmos, where the apostle John was exiled to.  I don't know where else I would go, but, hey, who says I have to be specific?

Next stop... one place near and dear to my heart... PINE COVE!
Ahh... someday I'll go back, and bring my kiddos (I have to have some first, though).  PC is the place where Handsome and I got to know each other.  It's also a place with many, many sweet memories.  People who loved me so well and helped me grow to be the person I am today...

Last stop, any trip on (I would go back to ISRAEL in a heartbeat).

Shalom, friends!

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