Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday Favorites 5/2/14

I'm starting a new series here on GTMB, similar to posts you've most likely seen on other blogs, I'll be sharing some things I enjoy in (hopefully) weekly "Friday Favorites" posts.  I'm also planning on bringing back the "Farmer's Market" series as soon as the market picks up here in the Midwest, probably a few more weeks.

(The following are NOT affiliate links, nor was I paid or compensated in any way for these reviews, I just LOVE this stuff!)

  1. Mason Jar Drinking Lids
    The best thing about using these lids for your drinks is that if you are drinking coffee or hot tea in them, you can easily unscrew the metal band and reheat your drink if it cools.  All of my other travel mugs cannot go in the microwave (as an aside, I used to have a microwaveable mug, but it did a terrible job of keeping my drinks warm).  The other great part about them is that if you are a canner or use jars for storage, you already have the rest of the items needed (and if you don't have a mason jar, ask your friend who's a canner if they have any extra jars and bands, I've never had a problem finding free extra jars if I just ask around).
    My personal favorite (because I love championing small businesses) are Cuppow Jar Drinking Lids.  I've had mine for about a year and I LOVE using them.  I have a regular mouth clear lid and a (mysteriously disappeared) wide mouth orange lid.  They are BPA/BPS-free and a rigid, sturdy and thick plastic.  You can buy them online for around $9 each (free shipping, hooray!).

    Cuppow Regular Mouth, Soaking in the rays
    Cuppow Wide Mouth, Perfect with some hot tea!

    Recently, Ball (one of the largest producer of mason jars) came out with their Sip & Straw lids, which are very similar to the Cuppow lids, except they have a large circular opening and come with a straw.  They come in a 4-Pack, which I found at my local grocer for less than the price listed online (I think around $6), so they end up being the cheaper option.

    Handsome calls this my "sippy cup," whatevs.

  2. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat
    I am already on my 3rd bottle of this stuff, because it's so amazing.  Your nails will be dry to the touch in 30 seconds after applying this top coat--NO KIDDING!  I use it every time I paint my nails, because it dries quickly and also is super glossy.  I typically get a week's wear using this top coat, along with a good base coat and 2-ish coats of nail polish.  So, if you're looking for a salon-quality finish, long wear AND quick-dry, this stuff is the  I get this magic potion at my local big box store for about $5 a bottle.

    My at-home pedis last 3-4 weeks!
    (I usually repaint b/c of regrowth, not polish chipping)
  3. Mark Driscoll's "Jesus Loves His Church" Sermon Series
    I am working on my second time through this series.  I have found it very convicting and full of great illustrations, and I cannot stop talking about it to my IRL friends (have ya'll gone and listened yet???).  I have the Mars Hill app on my phone, which makes it very easy to turn on a sermon while I clean my house (truly the only way I get housework done).  As the website explains it, "To know Jesus is to know his church. And to love Jesus is to love his church. This is why, as Christians, we must wrestle with what it means to be the church, not just with our ideas of it. In this sermon series, Pastor Mark spends 11 weeks exploring what the church is, why it exists, and what it means for us."  Just. Go. Listen.

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