Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 4

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A picture of your night

I know I didn't make the rules, but this one's a little weird.  A picture of night is a black square, right?  Maybe with stars.

Maybe a picture of my night is just me sleeping?  That happens every night.  I'm not very good at staying up late.  In fact, it took me several years (middle school?) to be able to stay up for New Years--even though I was so excited and tried really hard!

Lainie and I, circa 1991
Although these next pictures are not at night specifically, they are of me sleeping.  At football games.  My freshman year.

You see, when you're a freshman it is your job to reserve seats for the upperclassmen at football games.  This means getting to the stadium several hours before it opens, running down the steps and laying on the seats.  At this point, you still have a couple hours before the game starts.  Tired, yet?

Here is something else I did at night once.

Most often, though, I spend my evenings/nights...

...doing homework!

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