Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 1

(Note: The motivation/rules for this post are in a previous post. See Day 0.)
A Picture of Me with 15 Facts
Now, in my opinion, fifteen facts can become tedious and boring.  However, I didn't make the rules, so maybe you'll learn something new today!

2nd or 3rd Grade School Photo

  1. The earth is round-ish and mostly spherical, while an ellipsoid more closely matches the shape.
  2. Six is a perfect number.
  3. Whether or not there are any odd perfect numbers is an unsolved math problem.
  4. The number Pi is easily approximated to a few decimal places by using a random number generator and a circle inscribed in a square (see next fact if you disagree with me).
  5. An opinion becomes a fact if there is unanimous agreement in the room.
  6. Nathan's not home right now.
  7. Thus, Butterfingers are the most delicious candy ever created, is a fact (Nathan would disagree... but he's not here to!)
  8. Two is the only even prime number.
  9. Iron is the element with the highest bonding energy per nucleon.
  10. Young's Modulus, E, is a material property that relates stress and strain.
  11. 2 = 10, if 2 is in decimal and 10 is in binary.
  12. Kansas State is in the NCAA tournament this year.
  13. There are 15 items in this list.
  14. Acrylic paint is waterproof when dry, and water-soluble when wet.
  15. A medium cup of coffee at Caribou costs $2.06 with tax. (BOO.)

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