Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, in blog-land at least (I know, I know, it's halfway through January).  My hubby and I have traveled many miles since I've last posted--approximately 2,407.

Nathan graduated college with his MBA.

We celebrated Christmas with our families.

We went on a ski trip with both families, and mom, grandma and I went snowmobiling for mom's birthday.

Some very dear friends of ours tied the knot!

We visited our sweet friends from the south.

I turned a year older and tried Dunkin' Donuts' coffee for the first time ever!  (And liked it so much that I bought a coffee pot with my birthday money so I could have it more often.)

And Nathan and his brother went hunting and each brought home a deer.

I am excited for this new year and hope you enjoyed this little update!

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