Monday, January 17, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

December.  It's the last month of the year, the final stretch of the semester, the beginning of winter, and... the month we celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ.  It is usually such a sweet time.  My family gets together, we share a meal, play games, give gifts and tell stories.  I look forward to cold mornings, a dusting of snow, a hot cup of tea and a good book.
However, I must confess that the last few years I have let anxiety and worry dominate the advent season.  I place such a high value on my grades in my classes, that it's all I can think about.  Maybe you can relate.  You probably have something that's uncertain, or something that didn't turn out like you wished it would have, or something that you just don't know what to do with.

This is not new or profound, really, but I've found that when you have troubles, it's best to make Linzer cookies.

Let me explain:  I bought a jar of Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves for my dear hubby, who loves strawberry jam (although I do not).  I thought he'd be so excited!  But, it didn't taste as wonderful as it looked, and I was stuck with this useless fancy jar of sugar-laden strawberries.
It was a trouble, it was annoying--not to the point of anxiety, of course--but I couldn't throw it away.  That's so wasteful!  What's a girl to do!?

Cue Christmas time, the season of cookies, candy, and chocolate-dipped everything.  What did I do with a jar of unwanted jam?  Make linzer cookies, of course!

As for finals week, it didn't turn out like I hoped, though I worked very hard.  I was disappointed at first, but I did my best, and after all, that's the sweetest thing.

P.S.  I also made chocolate-dipped pretzels...

...chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons...

... and frosted sugar cookies!

P.P.S. I told you it was the season of chocolate-dipped everything!


  1. lol, I wish I could sample some of your chocolate-dipped goodies! (Of course, we did have quite a few of our own at my parent's house at Christmas)

  2. Why, oh why is Kansas so far from Tyler, TX???