Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Window

In my apartment this summer we have this great big window in the kitchen/dining room.  Sometimes I don't even turn on the kitchen light so that the sun can flood in.

In college, we barely had windows in our rooms (and we kept them covered so the creepers next door couldn't see in).  I missed the soft glow in the mornings and evenings.

Last weekend while driving home, I decided to stop at the new home and garden store.  I came home with a purple sage plant, the prettiest herb I could find, since I wanted it to be functional as well as beautiful.  Unfortunately, I forgot the little guy at home, so our big, welcoming window is bare for another week.

Some days I get the urge to create something and to try to do something a different way than it's been done before.  Sipping my hot tea and gazing out of our window this morning, I got an idea.  I've made sun tea before.  In fact, my roommate has made it a couple of times already this summer, out on the front porch.

I don't have any big containers, but staring out that window, I got the idea to try and make little jars of sun tea.  It looked so pretty on the window that I decided to share it with you.  And, when I added a little ice, it was delicious. 

The best part is... there's still another glass for tomorrow.

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