Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mayim Hayim

There have been plenty of God sightings lately.  But not plenty of time.  Here's a couple of them.

  • Wednesday, Feb. 24th -- I asked God for wisdom to understand my homework (which I was having a really hard time with)... and he gave it to me!  Which leads to the next God sighting...
  • Thursday,  Feb. 25th -- Usually Thursday nights are late for me, because the homework due Friday takes a long time to complete (diagrams drawn w/ a straight edge, engineering lettering, etc).  BUT, last Thursday I was done by 4:30pm, so Nathan and I had the whole evening to spend together.  He let me choose our "adventure" and so we baked pumpkin scones!
  • Friday, Feb. 26th -- I got to spend the weekend at home and refresh a little bit... baked a lot of pumpkin goodness including:  pumpkin-pecan pie, pumpkin honey-wheat bread and pumpkin apple butter... the WiFi did not work at my house, so I couldn't do homework (which was great!).
Lately, it's been "ask not, have not" and I have remembered Marty speaking to us in Israel.  He told us that God wants to flood our lives with living water, but he is a gentleman and will give us only what we ask for.  "Mayim Hayim" is hebrew for "Living Water".  Marty would say, "Mayim Hayim... how much to do you want?"

So, that's my question, as I continue to look for evidence of the God of the Universe at work.  Mayim Hayim... how much do I want?

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