Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On Gadgets and a Reluctant Fondness

Well, folks, I'm still living the dream up here in the big ol' R.C., trying to avoid headaches from styrene fumes (but only when I have to visit the shop and look important).

A few days ago, my work provided me with a new phone... an iPhone, to be exact.  And I chose it.  (Feel free to let out your collective *gasp*... I'll wait.)


If you've ever brought up the PC vs. Mac debate or any Apple products around me, you have probably heard my (humble?) opinion on Apple.  They're kind of like the popular girl in high school.  Everyone loves them and everything they do, and they do whatever they want.  They're beautiful, sure, but (to outsiders) annoying (at best).  (Do I sound like the jealous nerd in the corner, yet?)  To Apple's credit, their products are high quality and so it's reasonable that they are popular.  But they're not the only quality product out there (and I have a soft spot for open-source software).  I've always said I won't judge anyone who has Apple products, because they are a good choice, but it's best to be an informed consumer (and maybe not over-pay so you can have the "it" brand).

So, you may be wondering why I have an iPhone.  Legitimate question, really.  Truth is, it was between an iPhone and the crufty ol' Blackberry, and considering the things I need to do with my device, Apple was the logical choice.

And, (keep this on the D.L., ok?) I actually really like it so far.  Especially Siri.  With all the things that happen in a day, my best effort to remember something later is a total failure.  I love the "reminders", but wouldn't use them if I had to type it all out and configure it every time... Siri to the rescue!  Just tell her when or where and what it should say and she's got you covered.  Everything else on the phone I could take or leave, but Siri is incredible (and so far, no one else has been successful at a similar product--I heard S-Voice by Samsung is close, but not there yet).

There you have it, friends.  Over and out.

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