Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 15

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A picture of something you want to do before you die

My friend Nathan the Engineer is president of the skydiving club.  I think I first met him when Amy the Engineer and I were taking Thermodynamics 1 (ick).  We gracefully thrashed our way through, and he probably got an A (I definitely didn't), and Amy definitely got an A (she loooves Thermo... weirdo).  There are three things that Nathan has tried to get Amy and me to do since we've been friends:  go to Aggieville and get a "Dead Nazi" shot, go skydiving, and go to ColdStone on student night.  Only one of them's happened... and it involved chocolate, if that helps you figure out which one.

I actually have a bucket list.  I made it a few years ago when there was something I wanted really badly, and it was all I could focus on.  I made the list to remind me that I had other, better goals.  One of the things on my list is "go skydiving", shhh... don't tell my friend Nathan.  I'm not exactly sure that I want to do it... yet.

Here are a few other goals:

Make a friend from every (inhabited) continent.
Still waiting for Australia.

Donate my hair.
Accomplished 10/2007

Make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Israel.
Accomplished 3/2009
And... a lot more!  But, I can't find my list.  It's actually a photo album, so when I complete one thing I can put a picture in the album.  Maybe someday it will be full of fun memories!

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