Sunday, November 14, 2010

Walking with God

I heard somewhere than women speak about 3x more words than men do each day.  (No surprise, then, that I am the blogger and not my handsome hubby!)  Despite my talkative tendencies, Nathan and I have a lot of interesting conversations.
Recent examples include:
  • Do carrots fail in a ductile or brittle manner? (Material science convo over lunch.)
  • Does Orange Leaf or Coldstone have a better business model?
Although I know you are dying to know our conclusions, I want to tell you about another conversation we had.
Last week we were on our way to meet with our small group from church, going over the sermon notes from Sunday and talking through the questions on the sermon guide.  The sermon was about King David's last words to his son, Solomon, in 1 Kings 2:1-4.  He charges his son to be strong and show himself a man through following God and obeying Him.  The sermon expounded on those words and charged us to be strong in God to be faithful in the tasks he's given us to complete.  This is the best way to live.
Here is the question that struck me:
  • Are you convinced that there is nothing better than walking with God?  Why or why not?
Well, every Christian knows the "Sunday School" answer to the first question.  Yes.  Of course.  That's why I'm a Christian.  But, when we talked about it in small group, one friend pointed out the word "convinced".  She said that, intellectually, she was sure, but in daily things her actions proved otherwise.  Ouch.  I knew she was speaking for me, too.  Often, my actions prove that I am a doubter.  Like the apostle Thomas, I want to stick my hands in Jesus' wounds--experience is the truth (John 20:24-29).
However, my hubby's response felt like a crescendo and a comforting hug to me.  "God is the creator of everything," he said, "and that means that I'm created."
"Remember the example of a combine.  Just as its maker knows best how to use it, and how to fix it, so God knows the best for my life."
He's exactly right.  God is smarter than me, he's stronger than me--anything I can do, He can do better.  Infinitely better.  And he knows exactly how I work, because he made me (and not like a mad-scientist's creation-gone-wrong, but he made me--and you--just like an artist carefully crafting a masterpiece).  He leads me better than anyone else.
Now, the only question left is:  Are you convinced?

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  1. My answers to your questions....
    #1- no idea, I'm not an engineer
    #2- Orange Leaf, all the way. Let's talk about how genius it is to produce self-serve anything. Less people to run the show = less salaries being paid = people actually exactly what they = everybody is happy