Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Superhero Apple Cake

Some of you may not know this, but when I was younger I co-hosted a TV show with my brother.  We embarked on many daring adventures, including capturing a Siberian tiger, as well as performed skits and puppet shows.  The DeeDee and DooDoo show will forever hold a dear place in the hearts of its viewers.
Sadly, its reign ended when we learned what "doo-doo" was, and realized that it wasn't a suitable alias for my brother.

One particular evening, during a script-writing session, Eli informed the family that he had acquired a new skill.  It could, perhaps, be called a... superpower!  His particular talent was to help others discover their superpower.  Who knew that mom could smell anything from exactly 100 yards away?  Or that I could make cupcakes appear on top of anyone's head?
He didn't guarantee that we'd ever be able to harness our power, just that the potential was there.

My mom encountered a different sort of superhero recently.  One who had learned to harness his raw supernatural power for the good of his fellow man.  His skill?  Apple-retrieving.
I listened eagerly as my mother recounted the tale.  A nimble, blond seven-year-old scaling a tree, some rustling, and suddenly small, bright red orbs falling from above.  My mother even brought evidence.  Three lovely little apples.  "You'll make something delicious out of this, I'm sure."

Well, mom, I thought this cake was pretty delicious.  Moist, full of apples, and crowned with a sugary-sweet crust.  Mmm.

I got the initial recipe for Spiced Apple Cake from Joy the Baker, who got it from The Sweet Life.  But, the original recipe didn't call for Superhero Apples... I'd consider them a specialty item.


  1. You are just too wonderful. I miss you, dear friend!!
    Many loves,

  2. I knew those were superhero apples when I saw the first picture. Superhero = greatness that comes from a local to fairly local tree that has character marks on it and was picked by a human hand. Love them!