Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving break is now over and finals are quickly approaching, but I want to take a moment to REMEMBER. In the Forge, one thing we learned was that we are a very forgetful people--it's good for us to spend some time remembering what God has done.

I'm thankful for...

A wonderful couple of days with my family.
The opportunity to go to college and pursue a degree.
My wonderful family in Texas (and Mississippi!!!).
Being able to meet publicly for church.
Never wondering where my next meal will come from or where I will sleep.
Knowing the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
A great boyfriend who loves Jesus.
Wonderful roommates who also love Jesus and decorate our room for Christmas!!!
My awesome Bible study girls and opening up our favorite coffee shop every Wednesday morning.
Cups of hot tea and watching the sunrise.
Illnesses and failures, because they remind me that I'm weak and that my Savior is strong.

My Forge Family

Lovely Residents of Room 110

My Brother and I

Helping my Nephew Ice Skate this Weekend

My Boyfriend and I

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  1. Miss Lauren,
    How I love seeing this super cute blog of yours AND reading your wonderful posts! You are such a beautiful young woman of the LORD!