Friday, November 6, 2009

Love is Love?

Today as I walked through campus I noticed several sidewalks chalked with this phrase: "Love is Love." It was being used to promote the LGBT group on campus.

The argument of the LGBT campus group is that if you love someone, that's all that matters. The fact that it is love, qualifies it as valid. I disagree. People can love things that are not good for them. I think of smoking, for example. Cigarettes have a warning from the Surgeon General that describes negative health effects of inhaling cigarette smoke. In addition, people can also love other people that do not have healthy, positive effects on their life. For example, in many abusive relationships, both parties believe they are acting out of love, however everyone agrees that abuse is unhealthy and has a negative life influence, whether or not it is "love."

I bring this up not to argue about the LGBT lifestyle, but simply to point out that this particular argument by the LGBT group is flawed. Postmodernism often says, "I think, therefore it must be so," but responsible human beings need to be able to systematically evaluate the validity of arguments, not just go with the flow.

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