Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crafting: A BIG Bag

Hi friends, just wanted to show you what I finished last weekend (while listening to K-State win their game!).

I used a Simplicity pattern, and some pre-quilted fabric (in my favorite colors!) from Joann's that I got 40% off (still $12 a yard, though).  It's my first project with my new-to-me sewing machine that mom got me, which is exciting, but it also looks (up close) like a first-sewing-in-a-long-time project.  It will be great for a weekend or overnight bag.

See how big it is?!  (I put one of our throw pillows inside to fill it out, and there was still plenty of room.)

In other news, look at our farmer's market finds!

We made fried okra, spaghetti squash with marinara and meatballs, jambalaya with the red pepper, upside-down pizza with the green peppers, smokey sweet corn and jalapeno dip and bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers.  We haven't cooked anything with my sugar pumpkin yet, because...

I'm using it as a centerpiece, for now!

Happy autumn, friends!

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