Monday, October 11, 2010

Week's Recap & Thoughts

Conversation while brushing our teeth last night:

Me:  Do I smell like boy?
Hubby:  (quizzical glance)
Me:  ...I had to borrow your shower gel...
Hubby: (after sniffing me) You smell good.
Me: (a few moments later) You didn't answer my question.   I asked if I smelled like a boy.
Hubby:  (grins.)  Babe... you gotta understand this.  There are only two kinds of smells for guys:  good and bad.  I said you smell good, there's no category for "boy".


I learned something new-ish this week.  I don't really like eggplant.  I mean, I know it's not a common favorite food anyway (secretly, or not so much, I'm kind of bummed, because I usually like usual things).  I made Baba Ghanouj (middle-eastern roasted eggplant dip) for a par-tay this weekend, along with hummus and feta cheese dip.  I apologize to everyone who ate it.  Becca said it was better with carrots that chips (I think she was trying to make me feel better).

Moral of the story?  Listen to mom.  She always said you should never bring new things to parties, which could probably translate to me not making eggplant dip and then trying to get other people to eat it.


Dear Inventor of (Baking) Parchment Paper,

I want to shake your hand.



Dear Ray's Apple Market,

Thank you for the most inexpensive apples in town (you know, those 99c Braeburn apples... seriously, you're the best).



October vs. November

October -
Halloween, Candy Corn, Red  & Yellow (& crunchy) Leaves, Silly Costumes, Caffeine Addiction Recovery Month, National Squirrel Awareness Month, Our Bi-Month-iversary

November -
National Peanut Butter Lover's Month, Leftover Halloween Candy Sale, Thanksgiving/Fall Break, Family Stories Month, National Novel Writing Month, Sweet Potato Awareness Month, National Bible Week (21-28th), Our Tri-Month-iversary


Now, off to use those apples to make Apple Spice Cake, which I saw on Joy the Baker (food blog... by the way, I looooove food blogs, especially with pretty photography), who read it in The Sweet Life.

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  1. Oh dear friend, I just miss you so much! You are adorable and make me smile a lot! :) <See?

    1. Baba Ghanouj can be pretty yummy (coming from one whose tongue is slightly less adventurous than yours). You should give it another chance. Try someone else's and then experiment more.

    2. I also LOVE parchment paper. Just used some to roast pumpkin seeds. :)

    3. I forgot, do you have Skype? I would love to see your face and/or talk soon!

    4. You should save some of those apples for campfire roasting on a stick.

    5. Well, that's all. But I needed to end at the #5, #4 seems a little awkward. :)

    Grace and peace and much love!