Saturday, December 19, 2009

Italian Cookies

It's a good day, friend.  I discovered a new favorite recipe--Biscotti (click for the recipe)--and it was really easy!  I split the batch in half and made one cranberry-almond and one chocolate toffee.  It turned out quite delicious (mom even liked it), and it's going to be a great treat to bring to grandma's next week since she loves coffee and Italian food!  Here's a few photos I took of my creation...

First you bake the dough in loaves, then you slice it into the traditional long shape--perfect for dunking into coffee!

You have to bake each slice to dry it out and get the crunchy cookie you're used to.
(See my camera reflected?)

Yum!  Finished cranberry almond biscotti.

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  1. Friend. Glad to see you getting the holiday baking on. You have really great food pictures. They are quite difficult to achieve, especially with the reflection on the knife. Hugs!