Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dream Job!!!

On the fateful day of December 17th, my dreams met reality.

I've always dreamed of being an engineer (well, once I realized that I couldn't be a ballerina), but as I got older I struggled with seeing how that would relate with my heart to help others with my gifts. I wanted to live missionally, and after praying for months I felt God telling me to be an engineer that uses her skills to build up ministries for little to no pay. I'd never heard of anyone doing that, and was rather timid in talking about that dream with people--it sounds sort of radical.

Anyway, back to December 17th. Two men from Missionary Tech were at Pine Cove, helping them with future planning. One was an architect, and the other... a mechanical engineer! After talking with them, I realized that the M.E. works three days a week in consulting and volunteers two days a week with Missionary Tech. They were excited to discuss future partnerships... a possible internship in the future. Who knows!?

I just want to encourage whoever's reading that God does not put dreams in our hearts that are impossible. He knew from the beginning of time that all of these things would take place. In fact, He knows what my future with this company will be also. And I'm SO EXCITED!

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